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Chavez Sam P(505-868-2709)
Barnes Carole(505-487-9346)
Barnes W D(505-487-9346)
Crisman T L(505-487-0610)
Lane C J(505-487-9226)
Westall Harold(505-487-5034)
Coffey Leon(505-487-5479)
Rodgers Andy(505-487-2775)
Huffman Clay(505-487-2529)
Huffman Cassie(505-487-2529)
Harle Taylor(505-487-2146)
Truitt Benjamin D(505-487-2542)
Bodensteiner Brenda(505-487-0605)
May Jim(505-487-0605)
Mohler Wes(505-487-5015)
Frost Jana(505-487-4412)
Frost Wade(505-487-4412)
Clifton Hoyt(505-279-7465)
Downey Harry(505-458-7432)
Elliott Candice(505-279-4372)
Ray Troy(505-279-6154)
Runyan Phillip(505-458-5339)
Sours Doug(505-458-6025)
Sours Glenda(505-458-6025)
Webb Danny(505-279-6841)
Stewart Patti(505-279-0097)
Snipes Jimmy(505-279-7842)
Mullins O L(505-458-6745)
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